BUP Master Thesis Training 2024 application

Available 2023-12-01 – 2024-01-31
Contact person Evan Goss, employed at Baltic University Programme
This is the registration form for the BUP Master Thesis Training 2024 to be held between 25-28 March 2024 in Uppsala, Sweden.

This event, including food and accommodation, is free of charge for master students studying at a BUP participating university. All students must however cover all travel costs to and from Uppsala, Sweden, themselves.

Due to the war in Ukraine we will invite students from our participating universities in Ukraine to take part in the Master Thesis Training online. Ukrainian students that partake online will get to present their thesis to other students within the same field as well as receive feedback on their thesis from an expert from another BUP participating university. Of course, if possible, Ukrainian students are welcome to join the event in-person in Uppsala, however, the BUP recognises that this may not be possible for all. If this is applicable to you, please complete the sign-up form as usual, and if accepted to the event, the organisers will be in touch with more information and to confirm details.

BUP Master Thesis Training 2024 Application

This is the application form for the BUP Master Thesis Training 2024.

The training is organised by:
The Baltic University Programme's Coordinating Secretariat at Uppsala University, Sweden

General Information

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Practical Information

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The Master Thesis Training will be held in English, it is therefore important that applicants have English language proficiency in both spoken and written English.

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A summary of the master thesis including; 1) problem formation, 2) research topic and interests (your motivations and knowledge gap), 3) research question(s), purpose or aim (not all needed), 4) relation to sustainability science, 5) methodology (i.e. what you will do, why and how), 6) name of supervisor, 7) timetable of thesis (what have you done so far, what is still to do). - Required
The Master Thesis Training will involve group work with other students in a shared theme. These are based on the 10 BUP themes (https://www.balticuniv.uu.se/about-us/themes/). Within which theme(s) would you say that your thesis applies? (you can select more than one if you have a wider application) - Required


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