Application Form, IRES Visiting Researcher Spring 2024

Available 2023-12-20 – 2024-01-28
Contact person Mattias Vesterlund, employed at Teknisk- och administrativ personal
The Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies (IRES) at Uppsala University announces the call for applications for the IRES Visiting Researcher Program for spring 2024. The program offers a one-month research fellowship at IRES, including travel, accommodation and a stipend of 20 000 SEK. Full access to IRES premises and Uppsala University library resources is provided throughout the research period. The current round of applications offers one individual fellowship.

IRES is a center of excellence on the post-Soviet sphere at Uppsala University. The Institute conducts world-leading research in an open and dynamic environment that is truly cross-disciplinary and international. Among the academic staff are scholars in fields such as, but not limited to, political science, economics, law, history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, sociology, and geology. Each academic year, IRES hosts some 20 international scholars from around the world, but mainly Europe, Russia and Eurasia, the US, and Canada.

IRES encourages applications from highly qualified and motivated researchers at both junior and senior levels. Applicants are required to hold a PhD degree or the equivalent. The applicant’s research focus must relate to the ongoing research conducted at IRES. In processing the applications, the Selection Committee will consider the applicant’s academic background, scholarly achievements and publication record, as well as the quality and relevance of his/her research proposal to the IRES research environment.

For additional information on IRES and Uppsala University, please visit and or contact IRES Administrator Mattias Vesterlund ( Another round of applications for the autumn semester 2024 is expected to be opened during the spring semester.

Character limit for questions 1 and 2 are 8000 characters, for question number 4 the limit is 2000 characters.
Research proposal for the visit. Please Outline the research project that will be pursued while at IRES. The proposal should clearly explain how a research visit at IRES would benefit the applicant’s research agenda, including details on planned activities to be carried out during the visit - Required
CV of the applicant - Required
Dates of visit (visiting period is exactly one calendar month, starting on the 1st) - Required
Draft title and abstract for presentation at IRES - Required
Year of PhD defense (if not yet defended, add planned date of PhD defense) - Required
Are you a Russian or Belarusian citizen? - Required
Is your current residence in Russia or Belarus? - Required