Application form for Junior Faculty's VR/Formas/RJ mentored workshop 2022

Available 2021-11-04 – 2021-12-01
Contact person Gemma Mestres, employed at Junior Faculty
The VR/Formas/RJ mentored workshop is organized by Junior Faculty (JF) and Researcher Services at Uppsala University. It starts mid January with a kick-off seminar (not compulsory, but highly recommended) with talks by successful early careers and an experienced reviewer as well as information on review process by VR/Formas/RJ grants. This is followed by meetings in the mentored groups (usually 3-5 participants per group). During the mentored grant writing workshops, all participants are expected to read and comment on each other’s applications.

The number of participants is limited and depends on the availability of mentors. Therefore, we ask that you only apply if you are sure that you will be able to devote enough time to write your application and participate in the workshop. If you are accepted to the workshop but do not attend, you may not be eligible for the workshop the year after.
Before you fill out this application form, please make sure that you have read through the guidelines from VR, Formas and/or RJ regarding the grant(s) you plan to apply for. The calls for 2022 are not yet out, so use the information from the 2021 calls.

If you have any questions, please contact the JF administrator at
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Finding mentors is a limiting factor for the workshop, so if you have any suggestions for suitable mentors, please write their names and department here.
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