Survey of interdisciplinary collaborations at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies

Available 2022-03-29 – 2022-11-22
Contact person Ingrid Berg, employed at Vetenskapsområdet för humaniora och samhällsvetenskap
Dear all! As a preparation for my seminar at the department on Nov 23, I would like to get an overview of the interdisciplinary collaborations that you partake in. I am also interested in the benefits and challenges that you have experienced when working with researchers from other disciplines/departments. In this context, I would also like you to consider collaborations between the different floors at the department (i.e. different research subjects within archaeology). Thank you in advance! /Ingrid
Describe your interdisciplinary research projects (past and present). Which disciplines were involved? (Lists also those projects that involve different types of archaeological research, i.e. laboratory archaeology and classics etc)
If you have not engaged in interdisciplinary research, would you like to do that in the future? Which disciplines would be relevant for you? (Think both about research subjects within the department and in other departments)
In your experience, what are the benefits of interdisciplinary research?
In your experience, what are the challenges with working with researchers from other disciplines?
Could the department do more to facilitate interdisciplinary research? If so, give examples.