Application for PhD course in Deep Learning March-June 2023

Available 2022-09-15 – 2023-03-01
Contact person Niklas Wahlström, employed at Systemteknik
This is the application form for PhD course in Deep Learning given March-June 2023. For your course application to be complete, you also need to submit a pre-course assignment no later than March 8, 2023. You find the pre-course assignment via the course page in Studium

We will continuously enroll you to the course after which you can submit the pre-course assignment via Studium, but you can start working on it already now.
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What are your previous experience with machine learning and deep learning (if any)?
What is your previous experience with programming and programming languages (python, matlab, C++,...)?
What are your expectations of this course?
Do you have any idea how deep learning could be applied in your research project? If so, please explain briefly (a few sentences)