In-person attendance registration form, Children's Rights in Biomedicine

Available 2022-08-03 – 2022-09-07
Contact person William Munro, employed at Uppsala University, Faculty of Law

Children's Rights in Biomedicine, Protection from Scientific Risk and Uncertainty in Pursuit of the Highest Attainable Standard of Health

This is the registration form for in-person attendance at the Uppsala University conference on Children's Rights in Biomedicine. Please note that in-person attendance is limited for reasons pertaining to the capacity of the venue, meaning that the present registration form has been capped to accommodate this limit.

Fortunately, we are also offering the option to participate digitally via Zoom for those who prefer it, or once the in-person limit has been reached. The link to the registration form for digital attendance is: If you have any trouble registering on either form, please do not hesitate to reach out to William Munro ( for assistance.

We kindly ask that you provide your email address, name, and affiliation so that we may confirm your registration for in-person attendance. Additionally, please consider filling out the final part of the form regarding allergies, dietary restrictions, or dietary preferences, so that we are able to accommodate them properly.

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