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Available 2023-02-09 – 2023-02-28
Contact person Evan Goss, employed at Baltic University Programme
This is the registration form for the BUP Supervisor Collegium workshop- “The goals and needs for the PhD Supervisor Collegium'. This workshop will be held on Wednesday 1 March 13:00-14:30 (CET).

This is the registration form for the upcoming online workshop- 'The goals and needs for the PhD Supervisor Collegium' that is being organised by the Baltic University Programme. The main aim of the BUP Collegium is to exchange, grow and develop a Collegium of supervisors who can collaborate and learn together and exchange experiences in an interdisciplinary and intercultural environment. We believe that this collaboration can be especially fruitful as the Baltic Sea Region is full of diverse and exciting academic cultures. As part of the BUP's commitment to education and training, the BUP is pleased to begin increasing support to those in teaching and research positions who are either currently supervising or those that are considering the supervision of students at all levels. The BUP is therefore delighted to invite colleagues that are interested in this to an initial workshop which will introduce the project and allow individual contributions. Please register using this form.

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Discussion Points

As the Supervisor Collegium is a new initiative for the BUP, we are most interested in gaining insights from participants regarding potential focus issues and areas. Please aid this process by answering the questions below.

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If yes to Q6, which level of supervision was this? (select all that apply)
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If yes to Q8, which type of training/guidance/course, did you take part in?
If you answered yes to Q6- can you briefly describe some of the challenges (if any) that you may have encountered or points you wish you had more assistance with?
If you answered no to Q6- can you briefly describe if there are any concerns you have (if any) regarding supervision?
Below is a list of potential topics that the Supervisor Collegium possibly could cover. Which topics would you be interested in learning more about? - Required
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