Applied Social Network Analysis and Visualization with R

Available 2023-06-19 – 2023-08-16
Contact person Johan Boberg, employed at Higher Education and Research as Objects of Study
This workshop gives a general introduction to social network analysis (SNA) and aims to exemplify and discuss how SNA can be applied to studies in Social Sciences and Humanities. This includes theoretical concepts, basic methodological approaches, characteristics of social network research and hands on knowledge in how to create network analysis from a dataset, convert them into analyzable formats, and visualize using R.

The workshop is organized by the research center Higher Education and Research as Objects of Study (HERO), Uppsala University, and will take place at Campus Blåsenhus, Uppsala, Monday August 21 to Wednesday August 23.

On Friday August 18 it will be possible to meet with the workshop instructors to get help installing the required software. On Thursday August 24 we will arrange a Q & A session to discuss the topics covered during the course. For those attending the workshop as part of a PhD course, attendance is compulsory August 21 to August 24.

This is a beginner’s workshop, aimed primarily at those interested in social networks without prior experience or knowledge.

Prior knowledge in R is not mandatory but highly advised. Please note that this workshop is not focused on learning R; however, we will allocate some time during the preparation day to assist you in installing R and the required packages, ensuring that all participants can make the most of the upcoming sessions.

The workshop is offered to PhD-students and researchers. The language of instruction is English.

Registration deadline: August 16, 2023.
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