Sustainability Games CG 2023

Available 2023-08-21 – 2023-10-31
Contact person Oleksandra Khalaim, employed at Swedesd - Centrum för forskning och utbildning om lärande för hållbar utveckling
The application for the autumn workshops on using games in sustainability teaching is open!
Participants: Teachers based at Campus Gotland that have any sustainability related topics in their disciplines.
Program: Four workshops (2-3 hours each) until the end of 2023, along with practicing the games in between with one’s own students, friends, and colleagues. The dates will be decided with selected participants. It is possible to participate in separate workshops.
Format: We work only with onsite games, so we meet physically in the classroom to have fun together.
Dates will be defined with the selected participants. The game kits will be available to practice both during the workshops and for one’s own teaching. The participation is free of charge.
Application deadline: 3rd of September.
Project coordinator: Oleksandra Khalaim, Swedesd
The project is supported by PUMA 2023 (project grants for educational development).

While playing to change the world: theater and gaming techniques in sustainability teaching

Name - Required
Affiliation and position - Required
E-mail - Required
Teaching experience - Required
Why are you interested in participating?
Do you have any teaching this fall and what exactly if so?
Would you prefer to learn more about existing games to practice or to learn how to develop your own games? - Required
The workshops require “homework” to practice game facilitation with students/colleagues/friends. With whom you most likely will play? - Required
If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here.