Application form – iGEM – deadline 21st of March 2024

Available 2023-10-16 – 2024-03-21
Contact person Lena Henriksson, employed at Institutionen för biologisk grundutbildning

1MB205 or 1MB405?

The iGEM course can be taken either on a basic (1MB205) or advanced level (1MB405). Please see the course syllabi for further details.



Course leader, Margareta Krabbe:

Entry requirements

1MB205 Project in Laboratory Synthetic Biology I 15.0 hp

Alternative 1: 40 credits in the Engineering programme in molecular biotechnology.
Alternative 2: 30 credits biology including Molecular biology and genetics 10 credits together with Microbiology with infection biology 5 credits or Life and Interactions of Microorganisms 5 credits, and 30 credits chemistry.
Alternative 3: 35 credits chemistry including 5 credits biochemistry.

1MB405 Project in Laboratory Synthetic Biology II 15.0 hp

Alternative 1: 120 credits including Project in laboratory synthetic biology I 15 credits or Independent project in molecular biotechnology.
Alternative 2: First-cycle qualification of at least 180 credits including 45 credits biology and biochemistry, of which at least 30 credits in cell and molecular biology/biochemistry. Course in project management is recommended.

Practical information

The planning for the course starts already during the spring, with the lab work being performed during the summer. It is also during the summer you are registered on the course. This means that if you are a fee-paying student you will need to pay extra for this course in order to be registered.

Information needed for registration

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