The NCC Award 2018 – For projects that can contribute to a more sustainable society

Available2018-03-17 – 2018-09-16
Person to contactHarris Stamatopoulos, employed at UU Innovation

About the NCC Award 2018

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NCC and Uppsala University have formed a long term partnership with the aim to work closer and improve their research and innovation profiles on existing and future technologies and concepts. The goal is to contribute to our society's more sustainable growth, and make existing and future communities better places to live in.

Under this partnership a prize of SEK 15,000 will be be offered to a student (bachelor or master level) who submits a project (thesis) that evaluates and proposes measures on making our cities more sustainable.

Such projects may be:
Technical such as: materials, energy, Internet of Things, digitalization, buildings and infrastructure, safety.

Systemic such as: behavioral change, climate change, sustainable growth, sustainable business models (ownership, circular, shared economy models), resource efficiency, recycling, city planning.

Social such as: integration, equality, safety, security, well-being, habits, unemployment, health, accommodation, working environment, lack of education poverty, urban sociology.

The prize is personal and the winner needs to be physically present at the prize ceremony.

Application process and nomination:
All Uppsala University students (as well as alumni that have submitted their project in 2017 or later) of any scientific background are free to apply for the prize latest by 23th of September 2018.

Evaluation criteria
The evaluation committee will give special focus on projects with high:
- Sustainability profile
- Innovation level
- Feasibility
- Market potential
- Social acceptability

The prize ceremony will take place on 11th of October 12:00-13:00 at Häggsalen, at Ångström laboratory building, University of Uppsala

Preliminary program:
12:00-12:15 - Welcoming and a few words about the partnership (UU - NCC)
12:15-12 30 - Inspirational presentation about our society's sustainability challenges
12:30-12:35 - Description about the stipendium and the idea behind it.
12:35-12:45 - Award winner presents her/his work.
12:45-12:55 - Questions
12:55-13:00 - Prize ceremony.

More information to follow.

The application can be completed in Swedish or English.

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Sustainability profile: In which way does your project contribute to a more sustainable society?(Answer: max 1000 characters)
Innovation level: How is your project innovative? What makes it better to existing alternatives?(Answer: max 1000 characters)
Feasibility: Is the project technically feasible in the Nordic countries within the next 5-10 years? (Answer:max 1000 characters)
Market potential: How does the market look for your project? (Answer:max 1000 characters)
Social acceptability: What is the expected public response on your project? (Answer : 1000 characters)
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