MASH UP - for a sustainable future

Available2019-06-13 – 2019-10-03
Person to contactBörje Dahrén, employed at Administration och service

October 4, 09:00 to 13:00 at Biomedicinskt centrum B10. Lunch is included

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ACHIEVING A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE is the defining challenge of our time. In order to be successful in this grand endeavor, a system-wide approach is required, and new knowledge and solutions need to be generated across traditional disciplinary borders.
- Do you aspire to make a difference, and are you keen to find novel cross-disciplinary solutions to multi-faceted problems related to sustainable development?

IF SO, YOU ARE WELCOME TO THE MASH UP CONFERENCE for a Sustainable Future this October. At this event, researchers from different disciplines will be brought together with the aim to initiate new and collaborative research projects focusing sustainable development.

THE OVERALL AIM OF THE MASH UP is to both act as a catalyst for new ideas, and to provide help with practical issues such as funding relating to cross disciplinary research. Mash Up is open to those of you who want to break into this field as well as you who already have a background in sustainable development.

THE CONFERENCE WILL BE HELD in the form of a workshop where the participants will be invited to submit what they see as key challenges, essential and inspiring research topics and suggestions for potential cross disciplinary collaborations in sustainable development. Based on this input, the participants will then engage in idea generation, form teams and develop plans for realizable research projects. We will also be joined by representatives from major funding institutions and from the Swedish delegation for Agenda 2030.

The number of participants is limited


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